Are you ready to take your mojo to a whole new level?

Hi there, my name is Patrick Moore Jones and I offer personal training in the North London areas of Highgate, Hampstead and Camden. If you want to exercise but have hit a plateau, grown tired of your workout routine or are looking to step it up to the next level and are in need of someone to inspire you to achieve your goals, look no further.

Fitness, health and nutrition have been my passion since I was 18 years old. I will focus my energy on improving your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine to ensure you can get the best results you can achieve in a little time as possible. Or if like me, you consider exercise to be a way of life that constantly needs attention, I can motivate you to keep up your best habit in a fun and stimulating environment. I understand the body to be an interdependent unit with many capabilities, most notably its ability to adapt under any environment. Challenging your athleticism, posture, flexibility, agility, metabolism, speed and mindfulness is essential to improving your well-being. I have the experience and knowledge to put together an individualised training and nutritional program for you, so that we can reach your goals together.

"My aim is to help create extraordinary adaptations in anybody who is willing to try"